UDDAN Corporate Mentorship Programme(UCMP)

A complete turnkey solution for the CORPORATE/GOVERNMENT Clients ONLY.

STEP-1 Paper/Pen based “Psychometric Test” to judge the “CRITICAL THINKING “ of each employee( In English for Executive Cadre & In Hindi for Workers(Non-Executive Cadre).

STEP-2 Segregating Employees based on their “Thinking Pattern “ and expected Behavioral patterns for required Training/Counselling


STEP-3 “Audio-Visual” & “Case Study” based Training Session within the campus of the organization itself for real time session experience aimed towards improvisation.

STEP-4 Designing the “Business Process Reengineering Framework” for revitalizing the health of the organization.

STEP-5 Assisting the Corporate through Providing Manpower services after rigorous prescreening to avoid wastage of time along with classroom mentorship programme to incline the mindset of the new and old employees towards Organizational goals.


A complete turnkey solution for the COLLEGES ONLY.

STEP-1 Computer based “Personality Test” based “Career Counselling “for students(Undergrad/Masters)

STEP-2  Several Management Development Programmes along with the amalgamation of technological insight for industry acceptance.

STEP-3 Setting up the “Incubation Center” in college to foster new business ideas.

STEP-4  Paid Internship opportunity in UDDAN/UTTHAN/PEHCHAN.

STEP-5  Placement Assistance 


A complete turnkey solution for the SCHOOLS ONLY.

STEP-1 Foundation Programme in Change Management-Class 6-12

STEP-2 Advance Programme in Change Management –Class 9-12

STEP-3 Teachers Training on Classroom Management (From Playschool-Class 12)

STEP-4 Psychometric Test for students, teachers & non-teaching staffs.

STEP-5 UDDAN Video for School Marketing

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short history about us

1. Inspiration

UDDAN is India’s 1st programme on “Change Management For All ” started in Dec,2016 which is an inspirational initiative as a result of the growing unemployment,lack of innovation,growing depression and falling aspiration within the Mankind.

2. Donation

Project UDDAN has been widely appreciated by leading organisations and industry leaders because of it’s uniqueness in terms of content ,delivery and financial affordability .As a result UDDAN has been receiving small donations by individuals and for it’s sustenance.

3. Sponsorship

UDDAN is thankful to some of the eminent Public /Private bodies for extending their support and financial help to this noble mission of social entrepreneurship through CSR Sponsorship for procurement of necessary tools and expertise for social innovation

4. Assembling

UDDAN is a perfect amalgamation of Best Subject Mater Experts,Technical Infrastructure,Simulated Environment ,Pilot Projects and finally realtime experience.This helps any novice to be transformed into an experienced resource for the industry

Let’s Change the world Together