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UDDAN-1st Day Behavioral Training Session at TCIL(Govt. Of India Company )

UDDAN-2nd Day Session on BEHAVIORAL MANAGEMENT at TCIL(Govt. Of India Owned Company)

UDDAN-Day 3 of BEHAVIOURAL MANAGEMENT Session at TCIL(Govt. Of India Owned Company)

UDDAN-Quality Circle 1 Day Session for INDIA POST-Gorakhpur Region

UDDAN-1 Day Women Empowerment Workshop @ Bhaskaracharya College Of Applied Sciences-Dwarka

UDDAN-Electricity Generation through Waste Management @ Poornima University(Jaipur)

UDDAN-WHY NEED for Investment in TRAINING @ SCHOOL by School Management?

UDDAN-Changing Social Context w.r.t Education System-Mr.J.P Sethi-Director(CHS-Gorakhpur)

UDDAN-Why Important for Education System?? -By Ms.Seema Singh

UDDAN-Video Journey from 2016-18 for Schools/Colleges/Corporate/Government/Social

UDDAN-An Interview with Award Winning ADMIN HEAD-Mr.Salil Srivastava on School Management

UDDAN-Project Management-3 Days Training for COAL INDIA @ IICM-RANCHI

UDDAN-An Interview with Mr.S.N.SINGH-Executive Director-IICM(COAL INDIA)

UDDAN-An Interview with Dr.BabuLal-ED-Corporate L&D(BHEL,Noida)

UDDAN-An Interview with a fast growing CoPreneur from GORAKHPUR

UDDAN-Interview with Mr.K.B.Bhargava-Principal(DPS-Dhanbad)

UDDAN-Career Counselling for Class 12th Students @ Delhi Public School-Bokaro Steel City

UDDAN-Leadership @ Institutional Level-Dr.Emdad Hossain


UDDAN-Change Management for Pharma Industry @ Pharmacy College,Azamgarh

UDDAN- How It Changed the Life of Dr.R.B.Dubey?-Guest Expert UDDAN

UDDAN-Teacher’s Psychometric Test @ JP Education Academy-Gorakhpur

UDDAN-A Detailed Interview with Ms.Kushlawati Chaudhary -Principal MISSION ACADEMY-BASTI

UDDAN-Teacher’s Training Programme at MISSION ACADEMY-BASTI

“UDDAN” Training Workshop for Students at MISSION ACADEMY-BASTI

UDDAN- Coverage of INDIA POST PAYMENT BANK-Gorakhpur(A Change Management Project)

UDDAN-CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT-1 Day Teacher’s Training Session

UDDAN-13 Testimonials from Leading Educationalists,Students,Parents

UDDAN Salutes INDIAN DEFENCE System on the 72nd Independence Day Celebration!!

UDDAN Corporate Mentorship Programme-UCMP

UDDAN School Booster Package-2017

UDDAN Skill Development Programme (USDP) for Colleges

Why UDDAN is a Necessity for you ??

UDDAN-Quality Circle (QC)Session at IICM-Ranchi

लाडो(LADO)-Rural Women Self-Employment Initiative under project UTTHAN

UDDAN-A 1 Day Teacher’s Workshop at M.G.M Higher Secondary School-B.S.City,Jharkhand

UDDAN-Gurjar Society Community Marriage Programme 2018 for 36 Couple-Rajasthan

UDDAN-Teachers Training Programme at St.Paul’s School-Gorakhpur

UDDAN-7 Days Corporate Training Programme for HOPE BANK-2017

UDDAN-A 3 Days Project Management for Coal India @ IICM-Ranchi from 19th-21st Mar,2018

UDDAN-How is Right Communication Related to Self Confidence??


UDDAN-A Highly Inspirational Interview with Mr.Chandan Kumar-Part II-Fight Against Cancer

UDDAN-A Fight Against Cancer-A Highly Inspirational Interview-Mr.Chandan Kumar(Part-1)

UDDAN–Psychometric Test for Students -Class 9-11 of Army Public School-Gorakhpur

UDDAN- Training on Critical Thinking for Students@ ABC Public School-Gorakhpur

UDDAN-A Lecture by Dr.R.B.Dubey on Food Adulteration

UDDAN-A 3Hrs Session@ CHS-Gorakhpur on Advance Programme in Change Management

UDDAN-1 Day Training Session @ INDIA POST-Gorakhpur (RO) on CRITICAL THINKING

UDDAN-A presentation by Ms.Livya R-Student Intern on project UTTHAN

UDDAN-Interview with New Mayor -Gorakhpur District Sri. Sitaram Jaiswal -BJPUDDAN- An excellent DEMO on SEO by Class 7 student Mr.Deep Goswami

UDDAN Coverage of TESLA COIL project takes Abhishek to California University

UDDAN-Project Management for Coal Industry @ IICM-Ranchi(COAL INDIA)

IIT Madras recommended Student Intern on UDDAN -Mr.PrateekB-3rd Yr B.Tech(Aerospace Engg)

UDDAN-Tesla Coil Project made by Class XI student under Guest Expert-UDDAN

UDDAN- ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL-GKP-AIR-158 & GKP-Rank1 among Top 1000 ranking in India

UDDAN-A Video on King’s Eden International School-Mau-UP(E)-A Change Initiative by a DOCTOR COUPLE

UDDAN-Teacher’s Training Programme

UDDAN- Psychometric Test for Teachers

UDDAN-Bio-Technology in Agriculture-Lecture by Dr.R.B.Dubey(Guest Expert-UDDAN)-Part2

UDDAN-A New Initiative to Support Research Work in India-Interview with Dr.R.B.Dubey-Part-1

UDDAN-Why is the Face of the Goddess shown as “Young” in the IDOL?

What is UDDAN?Come and Experience with Me…!!

UDDAN-How to Bring Change? Training at ARMY Public School-GKP

UDDAN-Save the Children from Blue Whale Challenge

UDDAN-Leadership For You @ Sanskriti Public School-Gorakhpur

UDDAN-A Career Counselling Session at JP Education Academy

Documentary on “Sanskriti Public School-Gorakhpur”-UDDAN(Change Management For All

EIL(A Navratna Company) Sponsored Programme of UDDAN at “Army Public School-Gorakhpur”

UDDAN Presents Documentary on Evergreen World School-Gorakhpur

UDDAN-@ Navals National Academy Kushumi-Gorakhpur -By Rashmi Ranjan

UDDAN(Change Management For All)-Entrepreneurship in Gorakhpur

A Documentary Film on “Cow Protection & Rearing” by “Sri Radha Baba Gaw Sewa Sansthan-Gorakhpur”

UDDAN-Exploring Leadership at Institutional Level-Episode-2-Army School @ GORAKHPUR-UP(East)-INDIA

UDDAN-A Radical Mind Change Programme for Rural INDIA @ Shiwan,Bihar

UDDAN-Exploring Innovation in Institutional Leadership-RBT Vidyalaya

“UDDAN”-Relationship Management -Trailer for Insight By Rashmi Ranjan

UDDAN-Rashmi Ranjan-Very Strong Motivational Lines for All in Hindi

Rashmi Ranjan (UDDAN Change Management for All)-UP East Trailer-1)-INDIA